How do I access the chat feature to respond to queries posted by students?

Creators can access the chat feature to respond to queries posted by students for an online course. To access the chat feature follow the steps given below.

Access the ‘Course settings’ section under courses in the dashboard. This will consist of all the existing courses that have been created in your course academy on Knorish.

Hover the cursor over the course for which chats have to be accessed. With this 3 buttons will come below the featured image for the course - Play, Page, Builder. Select the one with the spanner image i.e Builder.

on this page, click on ‘Preview Course’ button as shown in the image above.

When in the preview course page, you will see a ‘Chat’ button displayed to the top of the screen. The button is highlighted in the image above. Click on the button to continue.

This new page consists of all the questions that are asked by the learners of your course as highlighted in the image above. Over this other information including:
  • Name of the learner
  • Date when the question was asked
  • The number of responses provided

Over this other information and features include the functionality to

  • Filter questions
  • Search for questions out of all the queries asked by the learners
  • Add a comment or a question to the learners

To reply to a query/ question:

Click on the question that you wish to answer which will open a new page as shown in the image above. Here as you can see you can type in the response for the particular question while using the toolbar provided. You can even add an image when responding to the given query. After you are done responding, click on the ‘Post your reply’ button below the answer space. This way your answer will reach the learner.

With this you can access the chat feature on your account on Knorish and respond to the queries posted by the students.