How to add a privacy policy to my site?

A privacy policy is a must for several reasons. One it informs your users what are the terms of privacy being followed additionally, privacy policy link is needed to run facebook marketing ads. As such you need a privacy policy page on your site. Standard practice is to have this in the footer of your site.

There are several online tools that help you create your own privacy policy:

and many more. You may use any that fits the requirements.

A sample privacy policy document is already enabled on all themes for your perusal that gets added by default in Pages under Website Builder. 

IMP: The sample privacy policy enabled in the privacy policy page is only a template and cannot be used as a legally valid document. You are still required to make the necessary changes in the document and fill in your information. 


privacy policy page

By default, every theme comes preloaded with a Privacy Page. Find the privacy page and click on ‘edit’ as highlighted in the image above.

page edit mode

This would open the edit page. Here you can add SEO information by adding the requisite information. After adding the required information, click on the Save button at the end of the page. Then, head back to the Pages menu in the website builder and edit the Privacy Policy page with the visual builder.

Note: To learn how to edit a page with visual builder read our FAQ How to customize website pages on Knorish

footer snippet

Once the page text editing is done, access the website home page in edit mode. 

Note: To add the footer in the site, you can either add the footer in the last section that exists right now or add a new section. 

In this example, we are adding the footer snippet in the last section of the page. From the right snippet toolbar, search and select the footer snippet. Then, click and hold the snippet and drag it down to the end of the page.

As you can see with the image above that the snippet has been added to the page. Hover the cursor over the hyperlinked text which would bring in the ‘Edit Link’ button as shown in the image above. Click on the button based on the position in the footer where the privacy page needs to be placed.

This will open a pop-up menu as shown in the image above. In the select link type, click on the drop-down button to reveal the drop-down menu. In this drop-down menu select the ‘Go to Page’ option as shown and highlighted in the image above.

Next comes the ‘Select Link’ section where you need to select the ‘Privacy Policy’ option from the list provided in the drop-down menu. Next, change the ‘Text’ which needs to be displayed with the Text section as shown above. After making all these changes and customizations click on ‘Ok’ button to continue.

After clicking on the Ok button, you will be taken back to the web page as shown in the image above. Here in the image above you will see all the customizations have been made. Further, click on the ‘Save’ button to confirm the changes made thereby making your Privacy Policy go live.

With this you can add a privacy policy to your site on Knorish.