Change additional downloadable content

On the Knorish course-site, the supported downloadable content types include pdf, PPT, xlsx,Docx, zip, or RAR files.

You can make the changes in the base file & re-upload the modified content, Or
You can download the existing content to make changes and reupload it

To do either of the above-listed options, you would need to delete the file and upload a file again.

Here’s how to change the additional downloadable content

  • Log in to your site
  • Go to Dashboard
  • Click on Course > Courses
  • Select the Course Builder
  • Go to Chapter > Section of content you want to change
  • Download the file> make changes> delete previous file> re-upload (in case you don’t have access to the base file)
  • In case you have already done the changes in the base file - then delete the downloadable file>re-upload the modified file

Note: Make sure to keep the back up of your file. Once deleted, Knorish doesn’t store any backups of user’s files.