Can the website theme be changed after designing the website? Also, can multiple themes be used on the same website?

⊗ Caution: It is not recommended to change a theme after designing your website. Installing a new theme after a site is designed would lead to all current pages being unpublished, loss of all custom CSS and custom JS Codes added in the site pages as well.

After a theme is installed and the site is designed, installing a new theme will unpublish all pages and publish the new pages as per the theme with the dummy content. However, all the pages will still be available under pages in Website Builder as unpublished pages.

To install a new theme on your knorish site, follow the steps below: 

new Theme installation GIF

  1. Sign in Edit Mode
  2. Go to Web-site Builder 
  3. Open Themes
  4. Select your new theme  
  5. Preview/Install it

In the backend, your previous pages, and the course pages if any, will be saved in the ‘Pages’ section under the Website Builder. You would be required to rework/ republish them.

Can multiple themes be used on the same website?

No, for now, multiple themes can’t be used on the same website. You may install multiple themes, however, only the latest installed theme will remain published with all other theme pages being unpublished


Hopefully, this information answered your query. If you have any additional inputs required, please feel free to contact us.