Where can I check the student’s answers to an assessment and mark it?

You can easily check your student’s answers on the assessments you have created for them on your website on Knorish. Here's what is covered in this FAQ:

Review student answers

To do so, log in to your account on Knorish & follow the steps as highlighted below:

  • Click on the ‘Course’ menu and select the ‘Courses’ option as shown above. 
  • Click on the name of the course. 
  • This will open the given course page. Here you can find all the important and relevant information for the courses including:
    • Users
    • Assessments
    • Settings
    • Partnerships
  • Click on the ‘Assessments’ tab.  This will open a new page that consists of the list of all the assessments created to date for this given online course.

    download (33)

    You will be able to see 3 buttons under assessments with varied colours which are: 
    • Builder Button (Grey Spanner button )
      Clicking on this button will take you to the course curriculum of the given online course, where you will be able to add sections, chapters, course curriculum in form of content such as PDFs, docs, videos and more. You will even be able to create assessments with the course curriculum page.
    • Preview Button (Blue Button) 
      This button will allow you to preview the assessment you have created while viewing it as a student. The Previewing button allows you to take the entire assessment but the submission won’t be recorded.
    • Submissions Button (Green Button) 
      If any of the assessments haven’t been marked by the instructor the submission button turns red. Clicking on the red review submission button will open the page as shown in the image above.

      This button will allow you to view all the submissions that have been received from your students.

Assigning marks from the Submissions Button 

Objective questions and their answers are preset at the time of creating the assessments. Subjective questions would need a review from the course instructor.

As shown in the image, each time a student submits an assessment with a subjective question, a notification is shown in the notification section under settings. Here's how you check the answers to a question and grade them.

  • After a student submits an assessment, an auto-notification is made available for action under notifications in the settings section
  • Click on the Notification icon
  • Review the submitted answer
  • Assign marks out of the total marks possible in the question
  • Repeat this for all the questions
  • Mark complete
  • Click on ‘Save and Close’ at the bottom of the page.

    And that’s about it folks! This is how you can check your student’s answer to the assessment.