Connect site page with checkout for sales

To start selling the courses or content on the Knorish site, creators need to connect the course page with the checkout page. This process remains the same for the default payment gateways offered by Knorish or with the custom gateways as well. 

Here's how to do it:

  1. Log in to your account 
  2. Go to Courses> Select your Course on Dashboard
  3. Open course Page.
    1. If you don't have a course page, access the course's curriculum and under settings,  scroll down to the bottom and choose a template for the page and then click on create course page. Learn how to create a course page: How to create a great course page
  4. Switch to Edit Mode 
  5. Drag and drop a CTA button where you want it 
  6. Click on the ‘Edit’ Link 
  7. In Link Type select “ Go to Checkout Page” 
  8. Link “gets automatically updated” 
  9. In Text CTA < Buy Now> or any other text such as enroll now, purchase now, etc. 
  10. Click on Save 

Now, when someone clicks on the button to purchase the course, they will be redirected to the signup and the payment Page automatically. 

➡️ Imp: To enable this feature on the site, the courses need to be both published, made visible and pricing must be set in the settings. Learn more on How to publish or unpublish a course