Can I accept payments for my course in EMIs

Every creator is provided with a pre-configured payment gateway with Knorish at no additional cost. This eliminates the need to get your own payment gateways and the hassle that comes with it. Knorish currently offers two payment gateways as a pre-configured solutions: Razorpay and Paypal. So with the default payment gateways, students have a variety of payment options to choose from such as Credit/debit cards, UPI, QR, Wallets, etc. EMI is one such option available to students for the same. 



By choosing Razorpay as the payment gateway, students can select EMI as the payment method from the list. 

When paying using the EMI option:

  • Students can pay using a credit/debit card which allows them to use EMI as an option
  • While the option is widely offered by majority of the banks, the student may need to check if the option is offered on their credit/debit cards by their banks

Note: While the student pays to the bank in monthly equated installments, the entire amount is paid towards the course instantly.