How can I delete/ update student information on my site?

With Knorish you can update students' information on your learners list. 

  • Publisher Account Users - can only delete learners information from the platform
  • Enterprise users- can add, and delete learners information from the platform

Note: A student's personal information such as email IDs or phone numbers cannot be updated by the admins. Only students/ learners can access and update their information accordingly. Admins can only delete the student from the site and/or access information 

Deleting student’s information

Now let’s take a look on how to delete student information.

Users screen

For this, head to the users menu to begin with.

Student Name Image

Click on the name for which the details need to be removed.

This will take you to the particular users detail page. Here you can check his completion progress, add him to a new course or a team if he is a team member.

Click on the Delete User button on the user profile page as highlighted in the image above. Clicking on this button will open a popup.

Student information deletion confirmation page

This popup is a confirmation of deleting the users information. You will have to enter the users’ name into the column highlighted in the image above. Following this click on the ‘Yes, Delete It’ button. Clicking on the button will delete all data related to the user, you will no longer be able to get the data back post this.

With this, the data will be removed and the user will no longer be able to access your course. By following these steps enterprise users can add, update and delete learners information.