Downloading Invoices - Knorish Plan Subscriptions, Students and others

This article talks about how to download any invoice generated for your academy. There are primarily three types of invoices that are generated. 

  • Student Invoices 
  • Subscription Invoice
  • Invoices for GST applicable on Transaction Fees on Sales  

But first, get the GST information updated

Setting up GST information for Invoices

To ensure the timely generation of the GST Invoices, subscribers must ensure that the requisite details have been listed on the platform.  Please follow the steps listed below to add or edit your organizations GST details: 

  • Login to your Knorish account and access 'Settings' in the dashboard, 
  • Click on the first option i.e. “Organization”,  

Organization in Settings in KNorish Dashboard

Please ensure to complete the details about the organization including the GST number information. Once done, click on save to complete the setup. 

The GST based invoices issued to learners will depend on their location information. To learn more about these scenarios, visit: How to enable GST based Invoices for students

Student Invoices: Access and Download

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Note: All course or content pricing listed on your site built with Knorish is understood to be inclusive of GST and/or any other applicable taxes. Knorish has no control over the pricing you decide for your courses and as such when you set the pricing for your courses or content, you agree to be responsible for the applicable tax liability.

In case your course is free, no transactional fee is levied, and as such GST invoices are not issued for free courses. 

Student invoices are available for download under Earning in Transactions on the dashboard. To start downloading the invoices and the sales data, follow the steps listed below:

  • Access the site's dashboard
  • Click on Earning under Transactions
  • Select the requisite options from the Data Filters under Date Range, Currency, Course, Coupon, and Transaction Type
  • Select the number of entries needed per page
  • Download the excel sheets that include the student name, order ID, and amount paid.
  • You can also click on Individual invoices and download them as needed 

Note: Getting Internal Server Error Message when downloading student Invoices from the publisher dashboard?

- This happens mostly when the "Invoice to student download" template is changed with a wrong code or variable. Reset the template, and you will be able to download the invoices again.

Ensure to have the GST details added so that the invoices have the GST information as well. On clicking on any of the formats, the downloaded file will have 100  entries. For more entries, click on the page number at the bottom of the screen and download the other data entries as needed. 

Filing GST: Additionally, for filing GST, you may download and submit the datasheet available in CSV, Excel, and PDF formats. And if required you can also download the invoices as well. As mentioned above, invoices can be downloaded one at a time. 

Meanwhile, here's how students can download their invoice directly : 

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  1. Go ahead, log into your student account.
  2. Click on the “Profile Icon” and select “Invoice”
  3. Under Invoices, choose the invoice you’d like to download.

We will generate a PDF file and send it directly to the device the user is using.

Subscription Invoices

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All invoices generated for your subscription with Knorish are available under plan and billing.  This section also includes the invoices for the GST chargeable on the transaction fees charged per course sale are automatically generated on the 2nd of each month for all transactions in the prior month. 

The platform would issue GST invoices only for the applicable GST on the transaction fees charged by the platform. This is only applicable for creators that use Knorish enabled payment gateways.

This means that when your site sells a course to a user, the GST  that is applicable on the transaction fees charged by Knorish will be listed on the GST invoice available under Billing & Invoices. 

Invoices for GST applicable on Transaction Fees on Sales  

Steps to follow to access GST Invoices:

  • Access 'Transactions' in the dashboard and click on 'GST'.
  • Click on Download to download the invoice.

Here you will find the monthly GST invoices issued automatically on the 2nd of each month. From this page, you can download your GST Invoices as required. 

Note: You can also click on ADD GST to setup GST based invoices for your students which is issued automatically when they purchase a new course. To learn more about that, read: Enable GST based Invoices for students from your site?