How do I rearrange the chapters and sections in my course

There may be times where you would need to rearrange sections and chapters in your course. In this article, we will show you how to do that with ease. There are three possibilities here:

  • Moving chapters within a section
  • Moving a chapter among different sections
  • Moving sections

Here's a quick video on how to click, drag and drop the chapter:


So let’s begin with these simple and easy steps to get your chapters and sections in order

Access the course builder section on the dashboard and then click onto the “courses” to get access to your course that you have curated for your online academy.

After you have accessed the “Courses” section, you will have the screen as below. Hovering the cursor over the specific course will reveal 3 icons that are ‘Play’, ‘Page’, and ‘Build’. Select ‘Build’ to get going to the course for which rearrangement has to be done.

Situation 1: Moving chapters within a section

After accessing the course curriculum, the curriculum for the course is divided into chapters and sections as shown above. There are two chapters namely ‘Nouns and Pronouns’ and ‘Verbs and Adjectives’.

*image before rearranging

In the image above you will see the arrangement tool being highlighted before each chapter. This tool helps in the rearrangement of the chapters accordingly.
Double click on the blue icon and then simply drag the chapter to rearrange accordingly.

*image after rearranging

With this, you can see the chapter for ‘Nouns and Pronouns’ has shifted a spot. Thereby the rearrangement for the chapters being completed.

Situation 2: Moving chapters among Sections

With the above image, we can see Section 1 for English and Section 2 for Mathematics being highlighted. Here, we wish to move the chapter Integration that is highlighted with an arrow pointed, into the Section for English.

Double-click on the blue button and holding it to drag and drop in the 1st section has to be done.
With the image above you can see Integration has been moved in the English subject thereby completing inter-sectional rearrangement.

Situation 3: Moving sections by changing their place

Now in the image above you can see 2 sections being highlighted within the Box. The 1st section in the image is English subject while the 2nd section in the Mathematics subject. 

In the above image, you can see the drag and drop button is highlighted. Use this button to change the position for the section. 

As you can see, by dragging and dropping the positions for each of the sections has been changed.

Note: Any changes made on this page are automatically saved and are instant.