How to add a chat tool on your Knorish site?

Offer instantaneous customer support with chat tools

Chat tools or chatbots are great in engaging and delighting customers. Chat tools do require someone to manually respond to queries however, there are a few platforms like Knorish that help you integrate their chat tools and build a robust knowledge base (list of FAQs). 

There are several chat tools available that can be used to enable great customer service such as Freshchat, Olark, etc. They do offer a large variety of features across different plans and you may choose the plan that best suits your needs. Here are their integration links: 

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Embed code for the chat tool

  1. Set up your account on chat platform of your choice
  2. Once done, you would get a code snippet 
  3. Copy the Code on Notepad

Step 2: Setting up a Chat Box On my Web-Site Steps 

Chat tool gif

  1. Log in Knorish Publisher Account 
  2. Go to Pages in Website Builder 
  3. Select the Page to include chatbox
  4. Choose Edit Tool
  5. Scroll to Custom Footer Code
  6. Paste copied Chatbox code there
  7. Tick the Publish & Save button

Once the code is saved and published, refresh open your site and you will be able to see the chat tool is enabled. Thus, using the steps listed above, you can use any such chat tool that has the option to embed the chat tool with your site using such codes. 

Hopefully, we have answered your query. In case of any additional inputs required, please feel free to contact us