How To Add Files On Your Website?

Adding files to your website For Downloadable Assets, Linked Content, Videos and others. 

This option is used to add files directly from your desktop/laptop wherein the files are not available online and should not be available in the future as well.

Login to your Knorish account and access the website builder section on the Dashboard. 


Here, you can see that previous files have been added. Similarly to add your new files, scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Click on the upload file and add the file from your Desktop/Laptop. Once done, a new link is created on the top section of the page. 

You can now copy the link and add it on any page as a link, hyperlink or on a CTA button on your website for example:

  • To change the banner video
  • Provide downloadable assets on you website such as EBooks/ PDFs etc.
  • Avoid adding your video files on Vimeo / YouTube.