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How to change the users' password?

All users have the ability to change their passwords from their account. In case a user has forgotten the password, they can click on Forgot Password to reset it. However, there are two ways to change password: 

How user can change the password themselves?

To change the password, users must know their old password. If a user doesn't remember their old password, they would need to contact the site owner.

  • Click on Profile under Dashbaord
  • Click on Password.
  • Enter Old Password, New Password, and type in the new password again under Confirm New Password
  • Click Change Password
  • Password will be changed

Note: Users can also reset their password by clicking on Forgot Password under Login

How to change your user's / buyer's / student's password?

If you are an admin of your website, you can search for that user and go to the 'Settings' page. Here you will have the option to enter a new password. You won't be asked to enter an existing password because you are an administrator and you control access of all users on your Knorish site.