How to import students and assign courses in bulk

You can import students and assign them courses in bulk on your account on Knorish.

To do this follow the steps after logging in to your account on Knorish. 
Access the enterprise mode of the platform by clicking on the profile icon and selecting Enterprise.

Then click on the ‘Users’ section in the dashboard menu. Here in the ‘Users’ menu click on ‘+Import Users’ to begin importing students in bulk.

In this page, you will be able to see the number of users you can add to your course academy. Creators can even upgrade their plan from this page, if the number of users exceeds the remaining users that can be added to the account.

To ease creators in adding multiple users we have provided a template which you can download to add learners information. This template can be edited by adding the required details. These details can be the name, email and the phone number of the learner.

After updating the CSV file with student details, click on the Select CSV File button as highlighted in the image above, to add the file with learners details.

Here in the ‘Map CSV file columns’ page, you can select how the data is to be pulled from the CSV file.  With these drop-down menus, you can select the order by clicking on the drop-down button. After the order has been set click on ‘Display User’. 

While creating the CSV file, ensure to have follow the below listed format:

Name Email ID Phone

Please enter the data on the file in the above listed format with the phone number listed with +91 code. Additionally, do not add any other information, headline or any other text as it may create issues with the data import. Also start entering the student data from the very first row with no headlines. 

In this  page, you can

  1. Assign a course
  2. Assign to team
  3. Do not assign (Data added only)

For this FAQ, we will be assigning the course to the imported users. Therefore select the toggle ‘Assign a course. This will bring in a drop-down menu as shown in the image above. This drop-down is used to select the course from your course library. Select the appropriate course and click on ‘Import and Invite Users’ button.

This will bring in a success popup on the screen signifying the addition of the user data to your account. Your users will receive an email/ SMS to get started as well. Click Ok to go back to the users menu.

Here you will see the entire database is updated with the imported users, thereby completing the process of importing students and assigning them to courses.