How to manage my course setting option?

This Article will show you how to use the course settings option to enhance your course site’s user experience. 

Course Settings   


Managing Course Settings
  1. Login to your Knorish site
  2. Go to Course Settings  (Course>Courses>Select Name of the course>Settings)
                                                        (Course>Courses>Hover the mouse over the course thumbnail>Course Builder>Settings)
  3. Fill in details as applicable
    1. Course Thumbnail Image, Course Name, Language, Reader Level, Price - INR/USD, Visible to the public or Not, Featured Course or Not, Add Course Categories, Set Course Expiry in days, Enable Certificate download, Checkout Redirect, and Chat, Limit Course Sales
  4.  Once you’re done filling up the details, Click Next
  5. Your Current Installed Theme is shown as Active Theme.
  6. You can change the theme and/or import page template
  7. Publish Course, if the content is uploaded and you want it to go live

    Important Considerations : 

    It is not recommended to change a theme after designing your Course website. Any changes in the theme would mean the loss of any custom CSS, and custom JS Codes. Plus all currently published pages will be unpublished and new theme pages added as published pages. That means you may need to redesign the whole website according to the new theme. Pages from your previous theme would not show.

    Listed below are some of the options on the course settings page:

    • Course Image: is the image for your course, you can click on the + sign and upload a suitable image from your PC/Desktop/laptop. 
    • Course Name: is the name you assign to your course 
    • Course Language: English/Hindi/Tamil/Bengali/Marathi/Telugu/Gujarati/Urdu/Kannada/Odia/Malayalam, Punjabi 
    • Course Reader Level:  Beginner/Elementary/Intermediate/Upper Intermediate/Advanced
    • INR Price: Indian Currency
    • USD Price: US Dollars (International Students)
    • Visible To Public: if off - the course will not be visible in the featured course list or the course library.
    • Featured course: if On -makes the course available on the Page Builder to be used in the featured course list.
    • Course Categories: Depending upon the course you teach 
    • Set course expiry in days: In case you don't wish to set a course expiry date, enter the value as 0
    • Certificate Download: Set the certificate download option to on/off for enrolled students
    • Checkout redirect: Ensures the course learners can start viewing your course immediately post-purchase.
      • Enable Chat: if off- learner chat will be disabled, students will not be able to send you a message 
      • Limit Course Sales: will restrict the course sales to a certain defined no. and allows only the certain mentioned no. be closed 
      • Edit Course Page: Helps To quickly design your course page, install a new theme or import a selected template
      • Publish Course:  Takes your online course live.

      These are the simple steps, for you to take your course live and manage course settings.