What is the maximum size limit of a custom file that you can upload on your Knorish website?

While creating your website on Knorish, there could be several types of content that you may wish to add such as a video, PDF, PPT or any other. As such, one can use the file manager feature availble under the website builder on your dashboard. Here you can upload any file upto a size of 100 MBs. 


Note: This is only for the website content. For online courses, you can upload content files can be upto 2 GBs.

A 100Mbs file size limit ensures that the page loading speed remains less. A higher file size will lead to site slowing down and not opening on devices with low internet speed leading to an increase in people closing the website before the page even opens properly. 


To learn how to compress videos to smaller sizes without compromising on quality, read this:  How do I compress videos or reduce the video size?

You can use the technique listed in the link above to reduce file size for your course videos and files as well. This would ensure that students are able to download that content and view it properly without issues.