Publish/ Unpublish Your Online Course

This article shows you how to publish your online course using Knorish's Course Builder, and the step by step process to publish your course.

Publish a Course

After you've completed adding content to your lectures, and are ready to take your course online, you can publish your course by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Knorish Account and access the dashboard.
  2. Select the course you’d like to publish directly from the course list in the dashboard sidebar. 
  3. Under Course list, click on the course builder icon.
  4. Create Sections and ChaptersUpload Course Content per chapter. 
  5. Once done, click on settings and complete the details such as Author Name, Designation etc. 

  6. Set Course Price In INR & USD, set course as Visible to Public and as a featured course

  7. Once all the details are completed, click 'Publish Course'

Unpublish A Course

Similarly, if you wish to unpublish your online course, click the 'Unpublish Course' button located in the same area i.e. at the bottom of the Settings page. Once unpublished, the course would be delisted from your site as well. 

Note: Once an online course is unpublished, students who are currently pursuing the course will also not be able to access the course anymore.