Uploading Files on Knorish To Avoid Using Public Access Domains Such as YouTube/ Vimeo etc.

This article shows how to upload videos/images/pdfs/ documents on your Knorish Site so that you can avoid uploading them on common platforms such as YouTube/ Vimeo etc. This allows you to upload and keep your content on your site. This sort of like the back-end of your site

This option has been enabled under the File Manager option which is listed in the Website Builder section.


To get started, login to your site and access the dashboard. Click on the website builder and then on File Manager. 

Click on Upload file, select the file from your PC/Desktop/Laptop and click on Open. After the file is uploaded, you would see that the file is uploaded and added on the top with a link.

These links can now be used to share content or download files directly from your website pages.