How to use Analytics Feature on Knorish?

Analytics include the overview of performance, course view, assessment, and status of certification, etc. for the benefit of the course creators. This information over here would help you to learn how to access and understand the various course reports available in the feature.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to the dashboard 
  2. Go to Analytics>User Engagement
  3. Get an Overview of Learning Activity on your site
    • Total < Courses, Users, Assessments, Certificates Issued, >
    • Records < Dates, Course, Certificate status> 
    • Statistics <Engaged Users, Certificates Issued>
    • Download Options < No.of entries : Copy, CSV, Excel, PDF, Print>
      <Name, Course Name, Days to Complete, Course Progress, Assessment Progress, Last Seen>

Using these Analytic Reports, the course creators, Instructors & site admins can keep a tab on course progress and much more.