What is a cart & wishlist?

Cart: Just as on an E-commerce site, a cart means a digital container in which users can add the product(s) before checking out and making the final purchase. When the user puts anything in the cart, this means that they are maybe thinking about buying the product & have an immediate requirement.

Wishlist: A wishlist is also another container but it is quite different from a cart. A wish list is used by a user if they like the product, however, may not have any plan to buy it anytime soon.

Here is a video to understand the steps a student goes through before adding the course to their cart and finally, going back to their cart to either make the purchase or add the course to their wishlist.

What is cart & wishlist

When your students visit your website on Knorish & go to any of your courses, they perform any of the 2 actions:
  1. They become immediately interested to learn & buy your course
  2. If not, they add it to their cart, or, simply close the website to come back at a later stage and buy your course.
When the 2nd case happens, the course in which the student had to make the payment is added to their cart.

Users have the option to access this cart from their dashboard & perform the following actions:
  1. Keep it in their cart, or, move it to their wishlist to buy at a later stage
  2. Come at a later stage and buy the course from their cart or their wishlist.
That's about it, folks! Hope that helps!