How do I add a countdown timer to my website?

Countdown timers help to show a countdown to some special offer starting or the offers ending. This can lead to reduced abandoned carts & increased sales. Here are the steps to setup a countdown timer on your site page. 


Creating a Count-down Timer For Your Site 

  1. Visit
  2. Please fill in the following details:

    • Chose End Date & Time
    • Choose Style
    • Text Color
    • Choose Time Zone (*mandatory field - cannot be left blank)
    • Choose Language
    • Background
    • My Text (*mandatory field - cannot be left blank)
    • Digits Color

3. Scroll up & click on Embed on your Website button

4. Copy & Save the code that appears below 

5. Head back to your Knorish site 

Embedding the Count-down Timer On Knorish Site

  • Go to the page where you want to place the timer
  • Switch to Edit mode
  • Create a new section or choose an existing section
  • Click on the blue HTML icon 
  • Paste the copied code here
  • Edit the section, if needed
  • Click Save