How to add a logo to your site?

This article shows you how to add your brand logo to the Website, User Dashboard,
Emailers, course completion Certificate & the favicon.

Brand your website with your unique logo

Every website serves one core purpose. It helps site visitors gain more information about the company, its mission, values, ethos, and principles. Logo as part of the branding is a key element in this. When you sign up on Knorish, you get access to the site builder which allows you to modify your site with simple drag & drop actions that help you create an awesome website. On the Knorish platform, you can add a Logo that is under 100 KB size for logos, and for a Favicon, the size should be under 10 KB.

Adding Your Logo

To add a logo from your site, follow the steps as highlighted below:
  • Log-in to your dashboard.
  • Hover over to 'Upload Your Custom Branding' & simply click on 'Upload' as highlighted below
HubSpot Video
  • On the next screen, you have the option to change the logo for the website, user dashboard, emailers, and the certificate.
  • Click on change, select the logo png file from your System/ PC/ Desktop and select. Once uploaded, you would get a 'success' pop up as well notifying that the logo has been uploaded.
  • To preview the logo the same can be done by clicking on 'preview'.
  • Once done, the logos would be updated on the screen itself and can be previewed as well.
  • To upload the Favicon, the process to update remains the same as listed above. Simply click on upload, choose the icon file and select. To preview you can click on 'Preview' to preview the look as well.

Note: PNG file (transparent background file) of the logo should be less than 100 KB size.

What is a Favicon?

A favicon is a small icon that is visible next to the name of the site on the browser window tab. For example, if you open, you would notice the famous G icon next to the site name as shown below as an example. This is a small effort that goes a long way in creating your brand identity via your website. As an industry-standard practice, a Favicon is a must for your site.

Note: A favicon must be under 10 KB size. In case the file size is more than 10 KB the system would give you an error message.