How to add social sharing buttons on my site?

Social media can prove to be a powerful marketing tool to sell your online course. As such social sharing buttons are a great tool to make it easier for your site visitors to share the specific links with others. These buttons can be added site-wide or on specific pages. 

Social Sharing Buttons

Here's how to add social sharing buttons on your site:

Social Sharing Buttons
    • Visit to generate the buttons code
    • Choose the social media sharing icons you want to enable on your site. 
    • Copy & save your unique code snippet
    • Login to your Knorish site

For Site-Wide Integration of the Social Sharing Buttons

    • Access Custom code in the website builder 
    • Paste the unique code snippet in the first section - embed code on every page under 
    • Click on Save 

For Integration on a specific page

    • Access Pages under website builder
    • Click on Edit 
    • Paste the unique code snippet in the header section 
    • Click on Save 

Once done, you’ll see the social sharing icons functional on your site or the page the code was applied to.

Note: As of the time of writing this FAQ, the solution is a freemium wherein may ask to pay for the feature use beyond a certain number of views per month. There are several such tools available online which have the same function. The methodology to use those tools too remains the same. 

Hopefully, this helped. In case of any queries, please raise a customer support ticket by clicking here