How to upload PDF in the course From Your PC/Laptop/Desktop?

A high engagement level in an online course is a great metric to measure success. One of the key factors in doing this is by providing additional learning material that learners can use to enhance their understanding of the subject material.

For that, Knorish's course builder allows you to add PDFs to the course which can be read-only and should you wish you can add files as downloadable content as well.

Upload PDFs As Course Content

With Knorish you can convert your Word Docs, PPTs, etc to a PDF format and upload them to your course as course learning material.

  • Access the course builder for your course>Name the section and the chapter as shown below.

Once done, simply click on the PDF tab, and click Add PDF File. Once you do that, in the screen that opens next, select the file that you would like to upload. 

Once the content is uploaded, you would see the file name listed. To view the added file, simply click on 'Open Document'.

Note: Each PDF file added as course content can be up to 50MB.

Adding Downloadable Files

Downloadable files are created in an online course as additional reading material that learners can use beyond the online course at their convenience. The process of uploading the files is the same as listed above however the difference would be in how the files are viewed while the course is being viewed.

To add downloadable files, simply click on the highlighted tab, select the file you want to share with learners as a downloadable file and then simply click on add. You can share PDFs, PPTs, Excel sheets in .xlsx format, docx, and even zipped files in a .zip or .rar files.

To view what the course would look like with a downloadable file, simply click on the preview course on the top left of the course builder.

Note: The file size for downloadable files is up to 25 MB.