API Endpoints and Postman Dump - Publisher REST API

To gain a better understanding of the request and response body structure, you can download the Postman dump and try it out yourself. The list of API endpoints is self-explanatory, making it easier for you to navigate and comprehend.

API Endpoints Supported

Below is a comprehensive list of the API endpoints supported by Knorish.

User Endpoints:

  • GetUserLiveSessions
  • GetUserBundles
  • GetUsers
  • GetUser
  • CreateUser
  • UpdateUser
  • RemoveUser
  • GetUserCourses
  • GetUserCourseProgress
  • AddUserInCourse
  • RemoveUserFromCourse
  • AddUserInBundle
  • RemoveUserFromBundle

Course Endpoints:

  • GetCourses
  • GetCourse
  • RemoveCourse
  • GetCourseUsers
  • GetCourseSections
  • GetCourseChaptersBySectionId
  • GetCourseAssessments
  • GetCourseLiveSessions

Bundle Endpoints:

  • GetBundles
  • GetBundleUsers
  • GetBundleCourses
  • GetBundle
  • RemoveBundle

API Versions and Postman Dump

API v1.0 - Postman dump - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NFk6bbVaj2YxDUcwTKH3WHz1yvmn0sGD/view?usp=sharing [OBSOLETE VERSION]

API v1.1 - Postman dump - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ze0R5AfD4a7cNdSNc6JfaL63M7CMxC81/view?usp=sharing [ACTIVE VERSION]

Migrate from API version 1.0 to 1.1

In the updated version, we have made changes to the CreateUser endpoint by separating the mobile number and dialing code into separate parameters. Previously, in version 1.0, the mobile number included the dialing code as a single value. However, in the current version, both the mobile number and the dialing code need to be passed as separate parameters. This allows for more flexibility and accuracy in specifying the user's contact details.

JSON body of v1.0 request

POST https://api.knorish.com/publisher/v1.0/user/CreateUser [OBSOLETE VERSION]
    "name": "User1",
    "email": "user1-postman@knorish.training",
    "mobile": "+917896541230",
    "sendinvite": true

JSON body of v1.1 request

POST https://api.knorish.com/publisher/v1.1/user/CreateUser [ACTIVE VERSION]
    "name": "User1",
    "email": "user1-postman@knorish.training",
    "mobile": "7896541230",
    "dialingcode": "+91",
    "sendinvite": true