My student has completed the assessment but did not get the course certificate. What to do now?

When the students have scored equal to or more than the passing marks, the system automatically issues a certificate, if enabled. Students can then simply download the certificate from the Dashboard. 

However, there may be times that a certificate may not have been issued to the student. In those circumstances, the Instructor can manually complete the workflow and check if the student has cleared the assessment so that the system would rerun the logic and issue the certificate. 

Here's how:

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Double Click on the Course name in Courses
  3. Go to Assessment Section
  4. Click on Submissions 
  5. Review  Student Assessment 
  6. Select the Correct Attempt  
  7. Scroll to bottom
  8. Choose Close & Save

This way the system would rerun the logic and the assessment would be marked as complete.

In case the student has cleared the assessment, they would be able to download the certificate from this point onwards.

Important Considerations 

 For the student to be able to download the certificate, the user's course watch progress and assessment progress must be 100%.