Authorization using App Id and App Key - Publisher REST API

If you want a simple way to gain access to the API for an individual Knorish Site with the purpose of building a private or one-off app, you can authorize using the Knorish Site's App Id and App Key.

To generate App Id and App Key, follow below steps:

  • Login to publisher dashboard
  • Open Settings > Integration > Rest API
  • Now click on the 'Create' button to create App Id and App Key

Please note, these API details are HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL and should be used by only authorized team/person.

If you are not using any app key, we recommend to delete them immediately, and rotate the keys time to time to ensure its security.

Structuring your request

Authorization is achieved by providing both the App Id and App Key as a header in each request. Refer below screenshot, you need to replace appid and appkey.

Cross Origin Requests

Cross origin requests are supported, although it should be noted that making calls to the the API using client-side javascript is insecure as App Id and App Key can easily be discovered. We recommend using your server as a proxy to make calls to ensure that you do not expose your App Id and App Key.