Bundles Payment Refunds

This feature helps you fasten your bundle refund process directly from your Knorish dashboard.

Note: The admin or course creator must receive a bundle refund request from the learner coming from his user email. 

Here’re the later steps to process bundle refunds:

  1. Login > Dashboard > Users > Search details
  2. Click on the orders tab>bundle orders> action toolbar

Bundles First Screen Shot


 3. Select the Recheck payment status option- to check details

 4. Select the Refund payment option - to process the refund

5. After a successful refund, the refund will be listed as a separate transaction on the refund page.

6. After a successful refund, users will not have access to the course. You can see the assigned course got removed from the user after the refund.

Important Considerations


  1. When there is no balance on the Razorpay payment gateway, you will see the below error message.


2. When payment is more than 6 months old, Razorpay will not allow you to process refunds.

3. In case if you are using Knorish default gateways and if you refund a buyer payment,                funds will be used from the revenue in your Knorish account.

4. In case if you are using Knorish default gateways and if your refund is more than the         current revenue balance in your Knorish account, you’ll see a proper error message.
5. If a user has applied a discount coupon, only the amount paid will be refunded.
6.       This feature will process refunds immediately, but banks could take up to 7 days.
7.       If a user has paid using a credit card, some credit cards will display refunds in   
          upcoming billed statements, till then they can check with credit card customer care 
      after 7 days.