Can Knorish help with website design?

Knorish has been created specifically as a DIY (do-it-yourself) platform for creators to take their business online. We are continuously working to add a wide variety of themes that creators can use to build their sites. The entire theme including its pages, links, images, videos are all customizable as you wish. And it is not required that you use Knorish's design team for creating your website. 

Need specific images for your website? 
There are thousands if not millions of images that you can use for free! Here's a quick article on how you can use images from Royalty Free Stock Image Websites for your website:

6 Awesome Royalty Free Stock Image Sites for your Online Course Content & Websites

To learn how to create your website on Knorish, several questions have been listed already in the Knowledge Base such as how to edit your website, site pages, course pages, add call to action buttons, etc. However, if you don't want the hassle of creating the website yourself, as a one time support, our extended team of designers can help with that. 

For this there are 4 simple steps in the process:

  1. Sign up on our annual Professional/ Power Plan
    In order to avail the one time design support, you must sign up on our annual plans and have completed the sign up process. 

    Sign Up On Annual Plans
    Once the process is completed, please share your domain details and our team will get to work.

  2. Select a theme that gets your audience excited
    Carefully designed by our team of expert designers, the theme library in Knorish hosts a wide variety of themes that you can choose from. Choose a theme that best suits your business and we get to work for you.
    Knorish Theme Library Link

  3. Share entire Content
    1. Get upto 15 pages created for your Website.
      Based on the theme you have chosen, share the entire content for every page and each section of the page in the website as per the theme you have selected. This means you share the final content for every page and every section in every page.
      Things to include in the final content:
      1. Per Page and per section content including course pages as well
      2. Names of the pages you want for your website
      3. Call-To-Action statements for each page with their location
      4. Footer links

    Remember: Share the final content in its entirety. Once shared, revisions are not permitted due to the high volume of requests received regularly.

    Note: Due to the volume of websites being designed, any changes, edits, or modifications would not be possible once the site has been created. We request you to ensure that you share the entire content in one go.

    Please do refer to our extensive Knowledge base that shows how to customize your site step by step.

  4. Share Images
    Together with the content, do share all images per page and per section of each page. This ensures our designers only use images that have been pre-approved by you and get the best website look done in the first attempt.
    You can also refer to sites to download royalty free images:
    1. Pexels
    2. Unsplash
  5. Our designers start creation
    Once you share the content with us, our expert designers take over and start creating an amazing website for your online courses. Based on the number of pages required, our team would create the site as per global standards and have your site ready in no time.

Need more changes...
The platform has been designed specifically to ensure that creators are able to manage everything on their own end to end. As such, once the team creates the website, any changes can be done by yourself on the website directly. Without the need of a wordpress developer or any technology knowledge.

Have everything required?
Before you share the content with the design team, here's a quick checklist of things to get ready to ensure that our teams have everything in place to start building an amazing site.

Download Checklist