How to change the color of the hamburger menu?

The hamburger menu is the menu that shows up on your site on mobile view. Due to the smaller size of the device such as a mobile or a tablet, the menu changes to a collapsed version mostly viewed on mobile as

If you wish this color can be changed with a simple code addition. 

Here’s how you can change the color of the hamburger menu:

  • Log in to your site and access the Dashboard.
  • Access the custom code section under website builder in the Dashboard
  • Add the below-listed code in a new line in the CSS Section of the custom code page and click save

.menubar.menubar-mobile .menubar-toggler span, .menubar.menubar-mobile .menubar-toggler span:before, .menubar.menubar-mobile .menubar-toggler span:after { background: rgb(245, 102, 238); }

  • To change the color of the hamburger menu, type in the RGB code of the color you want. Ensure to only change the numbers within the brackets. 

Note: To get the exact RGB Code for the color you want, visit, select the color you want, and copy the code numbers.

  • Open the site in incognito mode on your phone to view the change.