Changing display name across your site

Update brand name on certificates, emails and everywhere else except invoices

This article shows how to change the display name used across their Knorish site, including all user-facing places except invoices. This means certificates, emails, notifications, and all others where the brand name is displayed will reflect what is specifically updated in the account using this method. 

💡 Note: This is useful specifically for accounts where the business name for taxation and other legalities is different and you wish to showcase a different name in the branding and marketing e.g. certificates, emails etc. 

In case the two are same, you may simply update the name under organization

Display name used across your site, including all user-facing places except invoices

Download Certificate

  1. Login to your Knorish site
  2. Go to Course>Courses>Settings>Organisations
  3. Under Display Name, add the name of your brand
  4. Click 'Save '