How to create a discount coupon for your courses and course categories?

This article shall help you to create discount coupons for your courses and your defined course categories. They can be created both for multiple and single-use in the Transactions section on your Knorish Dashboard.

Here are the steps to follow:

Creating a discount coupon for your courses


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  1. Go to Coupons>+Course Coupon in Transactions 
  2. Type in a name for your Coupon Code
  3. Specify the Number of uses allowed
  4. Select  Discount type from the drop-down menu as Percent or Price
  5. Select Coupon Currency from the drop-down menu as  INR or USD { for Price }
  6. Enter  Amount or Percent of Discount
  7. Specify  Valid from date till Valid to date
  8. Select All courses or Single or multiple courses>Select from the drop-down under Coupon for Course 
  9. Click on Create to make the coupon active

      Important Considerations: Selecting Price Discount will work only for single course. While Selecting Percent Discount will work for all courses or the multiple selected courses.

      This way you are done creating discount coupons for courses.

      Now, we’ll show you how to create a course category discount coupon. Most of the steps will remain the same except that you can create and apply the percent discount for the course categories defined.

      Creating a discount coupon for the category for your courses


      Video Creating a Course Category Discount Coupon
      1. Go to Coupons>+Category Coupon in Transactions
      2. Select a name for your Coupon Code
      3. Specify the Number of use allowed
      4. The Discount type by default is set as Percent
      5. Enter Discount Percent in Discount option
      6. Specify  Valid from date till Valid to date
      7. Select All categories or Single or multiple categories>Select from the drop-down under Coupon for Category
      8. Click on Create to make the coupon live

      With this, the course discount coupons or the category discount coupons with a price or percentage or just the percentage would be created and will be live instantly. You would also see the coupon listed on the top of the page as a new entry. You can now start sharing this coupon with your target audience, customers, and leads.

      Important Considerations 

      • Course Coupon discounts can be based on either price or percentage.
      • Category Coupon can be based only on percentage.
      • Paid courses can’t be priced any less than $1 or ₹1 else the transaction will fail. You must not discount courses below that amount. While this won’t affect your ability to create 100% off coupons.
      • When a course price is changed after a coupon is created, coupons with discount type as 'Price'  gets deactivated and will no longer function. Coupons with discount type 'Percent' will not have any impact and will continue to function after a price change.
      • A coupon's allowed use count could increase by 1 or 2 when multiple users are using the coupon at the same time. This is because it may take time for the gateway to process a payment and confirm completion, during which another payment could have been completed using the same coupon by another user.