Disable Login button on your Knorish website

Disabling the login button helps website administrators maintain control over site access

Disabling the login button is a useful feature for website administrators to have in order to maintain control over who can access the site and to prevent issues that could compromise the security or functionality of the site. A few of the use cases could be:

Maintenance: If the website is undergoing maintenance, it might be necessary to disable the login button temporarily to prevent users from logging in and potentially causing issues with their accounts or the website's functionality.

Limiting Access: If the website is designed for a specific audience, such as a private coaching program, disabling the login button can limit access to only those who have been granted permission to join. This can help maintain the integrity and exclusivity of the program.

In order to disable the Login button on your Knorish website, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Knorish dashboard
  2. Visit Website Builder > Menu Manager
  3. Under Menu Design > Disable Display Login and Account Menu

What if you want to log into your website after the login button has been disabled? 


If you wish to log in to your website after the Login button has been disabled, just take your Knorish site URL and add /account/log in to the URL and you will find the Login page. 

For example: If your Knorish website URL is https://demos.knorish.com/ and you have disabled the login button, simply search for https://demos.knorish.com/ACCOUNT/LOGIN to get redirected to the Login page of your website.