How to enable a forum on your site?

Discussion forums can be a great way to build a community and keep them engaged. To enable a forum on your site, you can use Freshdesk as a solution and link that with your site.  This article shows you how to enable a discussion forum on your site. 

Enabling a forum on the site:  

Creating your forum on Freshdesk & copying the URL for Integration 

  • Sign up on Freshdesk
  • Click Forums on the dashboard
  • Add Forum under Add Topics on Upper Right Top of Screen
  • Select “Name, Description,Category,Type,Visibility
  • Click Save
  • Add Topic 
  • Copy & Save URL 

Once done, head to your site to link the URL on your site's menu

B. Steps for Integrating the Freshdesk Forum URL on your Knorish site

  • Go to Pages in Website Builder 
  • Click on New External Link under + External Link
  • Type in the name of the Forum
  • Paste the forum’s URL 
  • Tick both the Display in Top Menu & Publish this Link options
  • Click on Save 

    Once the code is saved and published, refresh your site and you will be able to see that the forum is linked on the menu.

    Hopefully, we have answered your query. In case of any additional inputs required, please feel free to contact us.