How to enable banner sliders on your site?

In this article, we’ll show you how to add a banner slider with text on your site.

Banner sliders make a site more easily identifiable to visitors. They allow creators to utilize limited space efficiently by displaying multiple images or messages in a compact area.

Here are the steps to edit an image on a banner slider with the text: 

  1. Add a new banner slider section in edit mode 
  2. Move the slider to the top using a spanner on the bottom left
  3. Remove or Edit text
  4. Click on the  <> Icon
  5. Upload images {device, desktop or PC}
  6. Add text or URL to be displayed with the image under the caption
  7. Click ‘Ok’ and ‘Save’

To delete an image from the slider banner/slideshow, simply click on the darkened square on the top right-hand side of each image.

Important Considerations :

You can also choose from the various functions available for changing and altering the banner section including: 

  • Autoplay: to change the image after every 4 seconds
  • Arrow Navigation:  to display arrows to the left and right of the section to enable banner change after clicking on those
  • Dots Navigation: to bring in the image attributed to the dots when clicked there 
  • Fade: to enable the fading effect when the image gets changed after clicking on the dots, arrows or with the autoplay

Note :

 If you are enabling a banner slider with text on it, ensure the image has a color transparency added on it, in order to ensure the text is visible.