FunnelsGPT Powered By KnorishAI

Use FUNNELSGPT powered by KNORISHAI to create better content & copy for your coaching business

FunnelsGPT is the world's first AI tool designed especially for course creators to create better content & copy and grow their coaching businesses faster! It’s like having an expert writing coach by your side, 24/7.

FunnelsGPT uses GPT technology, a deep learning algorithm that can understand natural language and generate text that mimics human writing. The AI tool is trained on millions of writing samples, making it a powerful and reliable resource for course creators to create better-performing content that increases conversions.

By giving specific prompts, the tool produces great content in seconds. To get more refined and specific responses, users must add specific qualifiers or modifiers in the prompts. These prompts could include your target audience, topic, preferred writing style, copywriting frameworks, time frames, type of content needed, hashtags, tone, and more.

So whether you're a seasoned course creator or just starting out, FunnelsGPT will enable you to write copy that converts.

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💡 Note:

  • FunnelsGPT is available at multiple locations in the dashboard to ensure that users across plans have access to it. 
    • Course Builder 
    • Webinar & Ebook Funnel Builder
    • Live Session Reminder Emails
    • Page Builder Inside Courses
  • Our goal is to enable FunnelsGPT at every location where a subscriber needs to use it. 
  • As a natural language processing tool, FunnelsGPT is powered to give you responses basis the prompts it is provided. Feel free to add more context in the prompts to give you more specific content & copy.
  • There are multiple types of prompts listed. 
    • Landing Page
    • Social Media Post
    • Ad Content
    • Email
    • Course Content 
  • The AI can also give content & copy for any other requirements basis the prompts you provide.
  • The prompts have a maximum character limit of 9900 characters including spaces, special characters, numbers and text. 
  • For longer-form content such as landing page content, it’s best to break down the requirement into segments or sections and ask for information for that specific section. For example, Write 3 strong headlines for the webinar: "TOPIC" and then ask the tool to write 4 benefits of attending the webinar on the “TOPIC”. 
  • Clicking elsewhere outside the pop-up/ modal area will lead to the session ending. All responses received will be deleted. Hence make sure to copy and save the work on a separate document. 
  • Currently, there are no limits to how many responses you can ask for. 
  • Based on the volume of requests being received, the responses could be slightly delayed.

How To Locate & Access FUNNELSGPT To Write Amazing Content & Copy

Access FunnelsGPT In Course Builder

  • Login to your Knorish account
  • Click on Courses
  • Click on New Course/ select an existing course
  • Type in the name of the new course
  • Click on Ask Knorish AI
  • Choose an option from the list
    • Landing Page
    • Social Media Post
    • Ad Content
    • Email
    • Course Content
  • Use FunnelsGPT as needed. 

Access FunnelsGPT In Webinar/ Course / Ebook Funnel Builder

  1. Login to your Knorish account here:
  2. Under Dashboard, select Funnel Builder
  3. Select ‘Create Funnel’
  4. Choose ‘Webinar Funnel’
  5. Follow the prompts in the webinar funnel:
    • Select a course
    • Choose a webinar/ set up a new webinar
    • Select a landing page
  6. After you’ve selected a landing page, under ‘Use Knorish AI tool to write this landing page for you’, click on Ask Anything
  7. The AI will showcase examples of what you can ask. You could use prompts for writing landing page content, social media posts, and ad content
  8. Click on any of the prompts highlighted.
  9. Edit the prompt and click on the enter icon. 
  10. Copy and paste the response.


  1. Access to funnel builder is available to subscribers on the Professional & Power Plan. 
  2. For the course and ebook funnel builder, access location of the FunnelsGPT in the funnel steps remain the same i.e. Landing page, social media promotion and ads section


Access FunnelsGpt In Live Session Emails

FunnelsGPT Access Live Session Email

The AI Tool is also available in live sessions for you to quickly customize the reminder, cancellation or custom emails that you would want to send to your live session registered audience.

Here's how to access FunnelsGPT in the live session emails section:

  • Create a new live session or access an existing session inside a course.
  • Click on Content. Then click on Edit Section Settings

  • In the live session page, choose any of the three options: Reminder Emails, Cancellation Email, & Custom Email.

  • Then Click on Ask Knorish AI to enable FunnelsGPT. 
  • Write a proper prompt based on the use case and get a custom email written just for your audience

Access FunnelsGpt In Page Builder In Courses


Here's how to access FunnelsGPT in the Page Builder available in courses:

  • Create a New Course/ Select an Existing Course
  • Click on Add Chapter
  • Select Page Builder

  • Click on Ask Knorish AI to enable FunnelsGPT. 
  • Write a proper prompt based on the use case and get a custom email written just for your audience.