How to generate, create or design Images for landing pages and website pages using Knorish AI

Learn how to create images for your landing pages and site pages using the Knorish AI

In this concise guide, we'll walk you through the simple steps of using the Knorish AI Assistant. Learn how to effortlessly generate and manage stunning AI-created images for your site and landing pages, enhancing the visual appeal and effectiveness of your online presence. 

Covered in the article:

Add AI Generated Images For Your Landing Pages

AI generated images can be of a great use when you don't have access to stock images or need something very specific. Here's how to generate images on your landing pages using AI on Knorish: 

  • Click on the Image that needs to be changed
  • Click on the ‘AI Assistant’ icon and then click 'OK' after reading the disclaimer.
  • Select the Image option in the AI prompt box. 
  • Enter the prompt with details of what kind of image is needed.
  • The AI Image generator will automatically generate a new image for that section, block or content piece. 
  • To get more images, add more details in the prompt to generate better images as needed.
  • Ensure to click on 'Save' to save the page changes.

Access the File Manager to review previously generated images

  • Click on any image that needs to be replaced
  • Click on the ‘select' icon reflecting above the image
  • In the file manager, all previously added images and all AI generated images will be available. 
  • Click on an image to use it. Or right click on it save in your system


  • There are no limitations to how many images you can generate using the AI. 
  • All images generated by the AI will be automatically be added in the File Manager of the Page builder.
  • The feature you're about to use utilizes AI in some of its processes. It's important to understand that AI systems have limitations.
  • There may be instances where the results are not 100% accurate or may provide unexpected responses or information.
  • As a user, it's your responsibility to independently verify any information or results obtained through this AI-powered feature. We are absolutely dedicated to continuously improving its performance and accuracy to enhance your experience.