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Where to Get Help?

Whether it’s technical assistance or general tips, tricks or hacks, Knorish has got you covered:

  • Basic Technical Troubleshooting

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  • Contact Support Team

  • Additional Support Sources

Basic Technical Troubleshooting

As a platform that enables sharing and monetizing knowledge, every aspect of Knorish has been built post intense research and development with the utmost care to ensure success for course publishers and their participants. However, like all things great there’s always scope for more in pursuit of perfection. Hence, in case if you face any issues, please try the below listed basic troubleshooting steps to resolve any concerns:

  1. Refresh your cache and restart your internet browser. You can simply do this by following the below-listed methods:
    • In Google Chrome and Firefox
      Hold down CTRL + Shift and press R
    • In Apple Safari:
      Hold down Shift and click the Reload Button
    • In most Windows and Linux browsers:
      Hold down Ctrl and press F5

2. Access your site in Incognito (google chrome) or Private Mode (Firefox) to see if the problem persists in that mode as well. 

3. Try a different browser. Sometimes the issue can be browser related as well. 

4. Try on a different system: PC/Laptop/Mobile Device. Sometimes the issue could also be due to settings on a particular system. 

Learn how to hard refresh your browser and delete cookies: View, Edit, And Delete Cookies with Inspect (F12)

If the issue still persists, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Search FAQs

Our FAQs have been built based on our experience of helping various publishers build, launch and scale their online courses. 

To find support for your queries, once you login, you can find the help section in multiple locations:

    • The ‘red’ help button at the bottom left of the landing page for your site.
    • The help button at the bottom of the list on the right.
    • The ‘learn more and ask questions’ card at the bottom of your startup page once you click on dashboard.

    All three options would take you to the Knorish Knowledge Base section.

    Contact Our Support Team

    Phone: +916366449374 (Mon - Fri: 10 AM - 6 PM)
    Raise Tickets: Click Here

    When submitting a ticket, good to share information: 

    1. Your account details that help us in identifying your account details and concern faster:

      • Email ID used to sign up on the platform,
      • Domain name and any other such detail 

      2. Screenshot of the current concern

      3. Detailed Error Information 

      Above listed details would be of great help in resolving your query faster.

      Additional Support Sources

      If you are looking for other support sources, you can connect with us via our social media channels to gather more information:

      You could connect with us via our Facebook accountLinkedIn PageTwitter Feed or watch our video tutorials on Youtube channel