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Multiple Course Creators On My Knorish Account

This article talks about how to give access to multiple course creators on your Knorish account and how to give access to those creators to specific pages on your site. 

To begin, log in to your Knorish account and access the Identity & Access Section on the dashboard. 

Here, once you click on ADD USER, you will be prompted to fill in the details such as Name, Email Address and Password.

Select 'Send an invitation mail' to create a new password or leave it unchecked if you don't want the user to create a new password.

Select Assign other roles.

Instructor: An instructor is someone who has access to creating a Course using the course builder tool. This user will be able to build, edit, publish and unpublish courses. Instructors do not get access to edit pages or make modifications in other courses. Only courses that you give them permission to are the ones that they would have access to. 


NOTE: Before adding an instructor, the course that you want them to create has to be listed under the course list. Add the course name under the course list, post which you will be able to assign course editing rights to the instructor.

Once the course has been selected, click on 'Give him course publish and unpublish permission' to issue rights to publish or unpublish that specific course. 

Editor: As the name suggests, an Editor is someone who has the rights to edit pages on your Knorish site. This allows the Editor to create new pages and access pages that he had created or has been assigned. 

To give access to specific pages, select the pages from the drop-down one by one, and those pages get added to the list. 

You could either choose specific pages or use the options listed below (as shown in the screenshot) for access:

  1. Give him Page Publish And Unpublish permissions - To provide access to publish and unpublish specific pages listed.
  2. Give him Site Management permission - This option allows the Editor to make changes to the entire site including the menu, and logo as well as changes to the landing page.

Final Thoughts

By giving specific access, you can now allow multiple course creators to build and launch courses on your Knorish Site. This allows you to rapidly launch multiple courses on your site and with multiple course authors of repute, it gives additional credibility as well.