How to set up an upsell or redirect customers to your public community from your site?

Upsells are a great way to get more sales converted. This process has been simplified.  You can easily upsell another product after the first one is successfully converted. Upsells could be access to another course or bundle, webinar access or link to a social media community, etc. 

Here's how you can add an Upsell:

You can add upsell to your site or courses by simply following the steps listed below. After your first product - course, webinar, session, or bundle is signed up for, you could a PDF/Document/ Google doc or any other that enables a redirection in the course curriculum section. 

The PDF/ document can have the link to the page of the course, bundle, or anything else that you wish to upsell. The user then clicks on the link and gets redirected to the other page. Here's how you achieve this:

  1. Create a PDF/ document with the redirect link added 
  2. Go to Course>Courses
  3. Click on Course Builder
  4. Upload PDF/ doc as a new chapter
  5. Move to its required location
  6. Click on Preview to review

It’s done! You have just embedded your Upsell into your course lecture. Now when somebody clicks on the link while scrolling through your course or sign up page, you can expect them to pay attention.

Important Considerations: 

  1. You can use a google doc or a slide for creating upsell message and later convert it into a pdf to be uploaded.
  2. For better designs, you can also look at PDF design templates available Canva. Once created, you can then download and add this pdf document as a chapter in a section.