How do I reset the text format on my site pages?

Every theme you select to create your website on Knorish comes with a specific font style set already in place for heading and other texts. You can either use the same font to alter and add information or you can change the font altogether.

If you wish to change and reset the text format on your site page follow the steps as highlighted below:

  • Log in to your website and to begin the formatting, open a page & begin with the edit mode.
  • After you have highlighted the text in a section a toolbar will pop to the left side of the screen. This toolbar will be used to reset the text format on your web page.
  • Select the 4th option in the toolbar to open “Text Settings” as shown in the image above.
  • You can either use the three options available i.e. Font Size, Letter Spacing, and/or Line Height.
  • Clicking on the Reset button will remove any text formatting over the selected text.
  • After the text is reset, you can see the text looks a lot more aligned with the theme of the webpage.
With this, you can reset the text format on your site pages and can customize the way you want to!