How to add alt tags to images?

ALT tags describe images for accessibility and SEO. They help screen readers and search engines understand the image content.

ALT tags are HTML attributes used to describe images on web pages. They provide a textual alternative for users who can't see the image. The key is to keep ALT tags concise, descriptive, and include relevant keywords for optimal impact.

To add an ALT  tag to any image, please follow the steps mentioned below:

1) Switch to Edit mode > Select the image >

     Click on the orange link icon and a window will pop up

2) In the popup window, under "Title" - add the alt tag text for the image

3) After adding the title text click the "Ok" button at the bottom.

4)   Save your page


  • As the logo is added from the dashboard (backend), it automatically gets the "alt=" logo" attribute added to it.  We can't edit the logo alt text as it's added dynamically.
  • Banner images or other section images do not require ALT tags as these images are added by CSS elements. Hence, there is no IMAGE element created.