How to customize the spotlight and share updates or announcements with learners?

The spotlight feature available on your Knorish site is a great way to share important updates, announcements, or news about new courses through a student's dashboard.   This ensures that users are kept informed of all the important communication that they may need to know. Spotlight shows up as a message whenever a student logins to your knorish site. 

A spotlight can be used for

  1. Announcements / notifications
  2. Call-to-action - Redirecting to another page such as contact us, course page for sales, etc. 

This feature can be run singularly or in combination with multiple spotlight message sliders with a choice of CTA buttons and customized messages.

Here's how you customize the spotlight messages 

To create spotlight message and display it on user dashboard, please follow below steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Access the Dashboard
  • Scroll to Site Settings in Website Builder
  • The first default spotlight message is already listed
  • Click on the edit icon to make edits
    • Title: Heading of the message
    • Description: A free-running text that elaborates on the key message
    • Button Text: is what you want to use as Call To Action (CTA) 
    • URL: the page on your website you want to set CTA to take the visitor to
    • Thumbnail image: To customize the image per your liking
  • Click on 'Publish this spotlight' and 'Save' once done/edited.

To create new spotlight, click on 'Create Spotlight' button, you can add multiple spotlight messages. These spotlight messages are displayed as sliders on the user's dashboard.