How to import Email HTML codes from mail clients such as MailChimp?

If you prefer a more customized design for your email notifications that are sent out from the academy, then you may design the emails in any of the email design tools and simply add the HTML of the email in the platform.

For the purpose of this FAQ, we have taken the example of designing an email for a webinar reminder and the email design is being done on Mailchimp. You are free to use any email design tool of your choice. 

Note: You don’t need to integrate any tool for this. This is just a simple downloading of a saved email as a template and adding the code in the email on knorish. 

Here’s how you can import the email using the HTML Code from Mailchimp: 

  •  Sign up or login into your Mail Chimp account.
  • Go to Campaigns>All Campaigns>Create Campaign
  • Click on Email and type in the name of the Campaign 
  • Choose a Template 
    • In this attempt, we have selected a pre-designed template from the themes. You may custom design your email should you choose. 
  • Once done,  save the email as a template.
  • Head to Email Templates and click on >Export as HTML
  • Open your Knorish site> access course under courses, and then click on the course curriculum icon
  • Under the course curriculum, open the live session section
  • Click on Edit Session Settings
  • Select the Mail template to edit or click on +Reminder Email for a new email setup{for Live Sessions} 
  • Copy the code from the downloaded HTML Template
  • Scroll to the bottom, click Source and replace the default HTML code with the Mail Chimp code
  • Send a Test mail and click on Save.

Similarly, you can customize your Drip content mailers by using the exported HTML template code for them. 

  1. Open your Knorish site>Drip Section>Email Body
  2. Scroll to the bottom, click Source 
  3. Replace default HTML code with Mail Chimp HTML code 
  4. Send a Test mail and click on Save.