How to increase the video player size on the site?

Increasing the size of the video player on your Knorish site is a simple operation, quick start, and easily doable. 

Here’re the steps to follow: 

  • Log into your Knorish site 
  • Switch to Edit mode 
  • In the section where you need the video, Insert the Video snippet
  • If needed, click on text block>delete to delete the text
  • Click on the purple Box Settings icon and select content size
  • Adjust the size as needed 
  • Click on ‘Save’

Note:  Resolution between 640px and 3840px wide. 1080p (or 1920px by 1080px) is commonly used for videos on the web. Additionally, please note that video size adjusts automatically as per the screen size of the site visitor's device be it a mobile or PC/Laptop/Tablet