Instamojo Integration

This article shares step by step information on how to get started with Instamojo as a payment gateway, connect your instamojo account with Knorish to automate payment collection and assign courses.

💡Note: Instamojo works a little differently than other payment gateways, hence please note the below:
  • Let's say the course price is INR 100, Instamojo will charge INR 100 + Instamojo fee from the user's account. This behavior is optional and can be toggled ON and OFF in Payment Settings > Convenience Fees on Instamojo.
  • No webhook needs to be configured in the case of Instamojo, as it is done automatically.
  • Instamojo only supports INR, so this payment gateway will not be visible in the case of a USD payment on the cart.
  • The minimum payment should be INR 10, and the maximum INR 1 lacs (subject to the T&Cs of Instamojo).

Here's how to integrate Instamojo Payment Gateway with your Knorish Site:

A. Setting up Instamojo Account

  1. Sign up or Log in
  2. Activate your account, if not activated already
  3. Go to Dashboard 
  4. Switch to API & Plugins
  5. Scroll down and click on +Create New Credentials
  6. Choose a Platform/Framework and select Direct (REST) API integration
  7. Click on Generate Credentials

B. Steps to follow on the Knorish platform

  1. Under Instamojo Direct (REST) API, copy the Client ID and Client secret details
  2. Login to your Knorish account
  3. Open Integrations under Settings > Payment Gateway
  4. Under Instamojo, paste the  Client ID and Client secret copied earlier
  5. Click on Save
 That's it. You are done!

💡 Note: Confirm complete activation with a test purchase of your course as a student. You may do this in incognito mode. Make sure to log out of your academy before this test purchase.


C. Instamojo Errors

If you’re seeing the above error while trying to checkout on your Knorish site, it might be due to any of the following reasons:

  • KYC Issue - When you have just set up your Instamojo account and KYC is not yet completed.
  • Currency Issue - When Instamojo has approved for INR currency but your course is priced in USD.
  • Pricing Issue - When Instamojo has approved for 1 lac per transaction and your course price is higher.
  • Incorrect Phone Number - When the phone number used is incorrect or doesn't exist, Instamojo will not allow your customers to complete the payment. 

💡 Please reach out to the Instamojo Support Team to get this error resolved.