Intellectual Property And Knorish Subscribers

Intellectual Property (IP), Intellectual Property Ownership & Rights and Content On Knorish

As an all-in-one DIY platform, Knorish enables you to launch online stores that sell courses and content. As such we do not claim any intellectual property rights over any content, visuals, images, footage, videos, or any other material that you provide to Knorish.

This means that any material you upload on Knorish stays yours and you can choose to change/ delete the same from your account at any time no questions asked. You have the complete IP rights on the content that you upload to your course and website. However, by uploading content on our platform, you do agree to allow knorish to display and store your website and course content, allow other internet users to view your content as well. However, you will be responsible for compliance with the Content with any applicable laws or regulations. 

Knorish will not disclose your confidential information to third parties, except where required in the course of providing our services or when required by law. Additionally, do note that your content is your responsibility. Knorish may or not monitor site-wide content. We do not guarantee in any manner the content, accuracy, reliability, applicability, completeness or truthfulness of any content by a platform user, including but not limited to the content presented through the courses or websites. in other words, the content placed on your account is solely your responsibility and Knorish will not be liable for any of it. 

Note: This has been specifically addressed in our Terms of Use as well. You can read the same in entirety here: Terms of Use