Knorish Referral Program

Refer creators to Knorish from your own dashboard and earn commissions when they sign up on any paid plan.

The Referral Program at Knorish enables you to earn up to 40% in commissions as you drive more people to sign up on any of the paid plans with Knorish. Here’s how it works.

A. Referral

Using the referral section in your site's dashboard, you can now refer Knorish to your friends, family, and network. By referring Knorish, you can now earn unlimited commissions. Each time your contact signs up on any of Knorish's paid plans, you get up to 40% commission. There is no upper limit to how much you can earn. You get paid for each successful referral.


How to Get Started

Access the Referral section in your site's dashboard. This section has your personalized link that you can copy & share with prospects. To copy your referral link, here’re the steps:

  1. Go to Referral on your dashboard
  2. Copy to share the referral link 
  3. Preview your Referral details 
  4. Update Payout Bank-Details
  5. Access Partner’s Guides Resources
  6. Read Frequently Asked Questions 

B.  Referral Assets

To help you further with sharing this information, there are a few assets also available predesigned ready for sharing. You can use these ready-to-use referral links & assets with other interested creators. Simply download the images, copy the message and share on your social media channels.

Here's how:

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  1. Go to Referral>Referral Assets on your dashboard
  2. Copy one of the ready to use message templates with your referral link 
  3. Download the customized images for your social handles, emailers
    Add your copy & link to create a post

Note: You can pick up the auto-generated referral code as it shows up on this board. It is your custom code. No need to go back to Referral to pick the code again. 

Important Considerations : 

  • Please enable the auto payout.  
  • You must add a bank account to receive payouts.
  • Make sure the bank account information is complete and correct.
  • Referral payout is processed only after 30 days.
  • Any payouts failing or wrongly credited to the wrong bank account due to incorrect information cannot be claimed back.
  • Min. threshold to process a payout: INR 10,000 & US $100.