Knorish Communities: Open & Paid Subscribers

Knorish Communities are an effective way to engage with experts at Knorish and like-minded people from different professional backgrounds in meaningful conversations. There are 3 Communities that are active on Knorish so far each with a specific purpose. 

Open Communities for aspiring creators 

Paid Users' Community

How do they work? 

Each community has its dedicated page and is round-the-clock monitored. Members have been communicated the healthy & best practices as follows:

Group Rules From Admins for Knorish Online Course Creators Communities

  • Be kind & respectful to others 

Let’s be supportive & of each other while together we build a positive, welcoming, and charged entrepreneurial environment where everyone feels inspired to share ideas, thoughts, and feedback. 

  • Stay focussed on the task 

Your focus is to grow, expand and be so good at it that no one else is able to replace your commitment to excellence and core values. 

  • Search before you ask 

Use Knorish Knowledge Base for checking out functionality or “how-to” questions:  Also, as the content-based grows within the community you’re encouraged to use the search function to find if the related content pre-exists.

  • Utilize Knorish Support Channels 

If you need any technical or customer support, reach out to our support team at instead of community.

  • Give us direct feedback 

We are open & available to know how we can improve our services and products. We recommend that you reach out to us directly for any feedback or raise a ticket at 

  • Don’t promote other similar course platforms 

This community is run by Knorish, exclusively for the paid members. There is a zero-tolerance policy for promoting any other online course platforms in this community. 

  • Don’t spam or post irrelevant messages 

Never post comments, or DM members content that doesn’t relate to using Knorish, course creation, marketing, and sales for promoting online course business, or online learning, in general.

  • Don’t post any unsolicited promotional content 

Never post comments or DM the community members irrelevant content with a CTA with the purpose of sales/lead generation for a service/product without the nod of the platform. Admins will delete those posts most certainly. 

  • Trolling is simply not allowed 

Any inappropriate, rude, explicit, or aggressive post, a comment meant to upset the majority of community members is banned. 

Open Access

Knorish Creators Open Community - Facebook


This community is actively engaged on Facebook & growing stronger day by day. It’s open to all individuals who are seeking out to discover their passion & purpose on entrepreneurial fronts. 

  • Find like-minded creators who wish to take their expertise online
  • Build a successful business
  • Help thousands learn a new skill and learn from your expertise, etc

Here’s the link to join Knorish Creators Open Community. 

Note: This is an open community for all aspiring creators. For more focussed access to insights for success from subscribed creators who are currently using Knorish, visit Knorish Official Subscribers Community

LinkedIn Course Creators & Marketers - For Digital Coaches and Entrepreneurs 

This LinkedIn Community is a hub for both seasoned & beginner course creators & marketers who aspire to excel in their respective fields and build thriving six-figure digital businesses with Knorish. 

Here’s the link to join LinkedIn Course Creators & Marketers - For Digital Coaches and Entrepreneurs.

Paid Users Communities

Knorish Official Subscribers Community

An invite-only closed group community space specially created only for our paid members on Facebook to share their knowledge, experience, and best practices of using Knorish and helping each other do better in their business.

 Plus our team of community managers is also available to ensure every member engages within the community in the right spirit. 

  • The goal is to help you discover your impact ambition
  • Learn from and share your experiences with other paid course creators
  • Get access to better insights and best practices from others who share your vision and ambition 

Here’s the link to join the Knorish Official Subscribers Community. 

Note: Access is only granted to users who are current subscribers of the platform.