Live Stream On Facebook Or YouTube With Zoom

Effortlessly live stream on Facebook or Youtube via Zoom meetings or webinars and reach a wider audience!

With Knorish's integration of Zoom's license, live streaming your meetings or webinars to Facebook and YouTube has never been easier. This fantastic feature allows you to seamlessly extend your reach, engage more effectively with your community, and enhance your online presence, all within a few clicks!

Here’s how to start your livestream on Facebook, Facebook Workplace, Twitch or YouTube using Zoom?

  • Log In to Your Knorish Account
  • Select Courses In The Dashboard
  • Create a new course or access an existing course
  • Create a new live session or choose from an existing one
  • Once your live session is ready, go to startup, and choose between a Meeting or a Webinar. 
  • Then Click on Go Live
  • Once Zoom is initiated, click on the … icon
  • Select Live On Facebook or Live On Youtube to go live on those channels instantly.
  • Authenticate the access by entering your login ID credentials of the platform you've chosen
  • Choose between your account, page or group to live stream on.
  • Your live stream will start instantly.

Important Considerations

  • You can choose only one channel at a time to live stream on.
  • Live streaming rights will be required on your Facebook or YouTube accounts. In case, you don't have those, you can reach out to Meta Support or YouTube support for access. 
  • For Facebook, you can choose between your personal account, any page or group you manage. Once the option is selected, it cannot be changed.
  • For YouTube as well, you can choose between your personal account, or any page or group you manage. Once the option is selected, it cannot be changed.
  • The duration of the live stream will be the same as the duration of your zoom session, unless disconnected or ended earlier. 
  • Clicking on End On Zoom will instantly end the live stream as well.
  • All zoom interactive features such as notations, whiteboards, screen shares will be visible on the live stream as well. Viewers will not be able to view the zoom functionalities on their screen.
  • Live chat from Meta and YouTube will not appear on Zoom chat.